The Results

Here's a sample collection of feedback from some of the of people who have used The BJ&K Method to get their credit repaired and regain their spending power back.

“I had my doubts because I’ve had credit repair before, but this time I’m happy to say that i’m  pleased with the personal services I’ve received, and the increase in my credit score was unbelievable. An increased of 110 points in 3 months”

” Hi I’m Samatha from San Jose , I just wanted to say that this is an amazing credit repair program. Not only am I getting my credit repaired and seeing great results, im also learning about Credit and Finance. I also am receiving free training to make money and grow my own business working from home. I came in for the credit repair, but left out with a new out look on my future,This was really unexpected, but I’m loving it “

I was so embarrassed by my credit score , and too ashamed to get help. I didn’t want to deal with the negative talk and questions like, “how could you let your credit get this bad?” I just didnt want to be judged. The pandemic hit, I lost my job, and maxed out credit card to stay afloat. My credit tanked. After searching I like what I heard and read about BJ& K Family Solutions. I contacted them and from the start they made me feel like family. After my free consultation I felt like I had a new lease on life. I’ve only been in the program for almost 4 months and I’ve seen results that even I didn’t think was possible.Thank you so much Ms Davies for your kindness and treating me with kids gloves. I will definitely spread the word about you guys”

“I was pretty much fed up with credit repair services and was going to take a stab at doing it myself, but my cousin told me about the good results he received with BJ&K Fanily Solutions, so I gave them a shot and they didn’t disappoint me. With in 3 months I was so impressed with the number of items removed from my report . I highly recommend them “




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